Notable Businessman Justin Sun Holds Largest Individual ETH Stash: What’s the Plan?

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Justin Sun: Dominating the ETH Staking Scene

Founder of the Tron cryptocurrency project, the influential businessman Justin Sun, has secured his position as the most significant individual staker of Ether (ETH).

A Vast ETH Stash on Lido

It has been reported by journalist Colin Wu that the wallet associated with Justin Sun now holds a considerable stash of ETH. This wallet, suspected to belong to Sun, contains an impressive 282,796 ETH, equivalent to approximately $447 million at the current market valuation. All of these holdings are staked through Lido.

A Series of ETH Moves

Just at the beginning of this month, Sun unstaked ETH holdings amounting to $32.4 million. On October 4, he executed another significant transaction by withdrawing 19,999 staked ETH from the Lido Finance platform, subsequently sending them to the Binance exchange. This action strongly suggests the possibility of Sun either liquidating these digital assets or planning to do so in the near future.

Impact of Staking Rate Limit Feature

Notably, earlier in 2023, Lido Finance implemented a security feature named Staking Rate Limit. This decision was made in response to the platform experiencing a massive daily influx of 150,000 ETH.

The cap set by this security feature effectively limits the amount of Staked Ether (StETH) that can be minted within a specific timeframe based on the recent 24-hour deposit volume. At the time of the feature’s introduction, Sun already had over 150,000 ETH staked with Lido.

Sun’s Cryptocurrency Storage Strategy

In a revealing statement, Sun disclosed his long-standing cryptocurrency storage approach for Bitcoin (BTC). He explained that, for a decade, dating back to the establishment of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, he has maintained all of his BTC holdings on this platform. He further noted that he had controlled over 100,000 bitcoins before this public revelation.

A Glimpse into the Future

The recent actions of Justin Sun have prompted speculation about his intentions and their potential implications for the cryptocurrency market. His transition from a significant ETH staker to a more liquid position suggests that he may be considering a strategic reallocation of his assets or capitalizing on market opportunities.

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