Polygon Protocol Council: Paving the Way for Polygon 2.0

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Advancing Polygon 2.0: The Inauguration of the Polygon Protocol Council

Polygon, a widely recognized Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, has taken a substantial leap forward by officially establishing its Protocol Council. This pivotal development marks a significant milestone in the journey toward the realization of Polygon 2.0.

The Birth of the Polygon Protocol Council

The formation of the Polygon Protocol Council was publicly announced on the X social media platform by Polygon Labs. This announcement signifies a crucial moment in the project’s ongoing pursuit of a decentralized, community-driven governance framework for the diverse protocols within the @0xPolygon ecosystem.

The foundation for this significant step lies in PIP-29, a live proposal that advocates for the creation of the Polygon Protocol Council. This proposal represents the next chapter in Polygon’s evolution and underscores its commitment to embracing the core principles of decentralization and inclusivity that underpin blockchain technology.

Essential for Polygon 2.0

Within the broader context of the Polygon 2.0 movement, the establishment of the Polygon Protocol Council is vital. It ensures the ongoing security of the network while enabling adaptability and improvement. This community-governed body comprises 13 distinguished members, each playing a critical role in maintaining the functionality of Polygon’s ecosystem.

The primary responsibility of the Polygon Protocol Council is to oversee time-limited upgrades to the smart contracts that underpin the Polygon system. These smart contracts are integral to the Polygon protocols, which operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

The timelock feature adds an extra layer of security by enforcing a waiting period before upgrades can be executed. This mechanism ensures that all network changes are thoroughly considered, mitigating the risk of hasty or potentially detrimental modifications.

Meet the Council Members

The 13 individuals selected for the Polygon Protocol Council are prominent figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Leading the list is Jordi Baylina, the co-founder of Polygon and the tech lead of Polygon zkEVM development.

The council also includes Victor Bunin from Coinbase, Jerome De Tychey, the host of ETHCC, Liz Steininger from Least Authority, Mehdi Zerouali from Sigma Prime, Anthony Sassano from Daily Gwei, and Justin Drake from the Ethereum Foundation.

Additionally, the council features the well-known pseudonymous on-chain detective ZachXBT and Mudit Gupta, the CISO of Polygon Labs, who will contribute to the council’s operations.

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